About MASTEL Institute

MASTEL Institute is an independent and non-profit organization in Jakarta and a subsidiary of MASTEL Indonesia, focusing on strategic policy-knowledge oriented studies on telematics (telecommunications, broadcasting, information technology) ecosystem and industry in Indonesia.

Minister of Industry Ir. Hartarto Sastrosoenarto and CEO of Telkom Indonesia Setyanto P. Santosa, December 1st, 1993

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to contribute by improving policy-making through policy-oriented research, Big Data evidence-based, stakeholder dialogue, and public participation. This mission is set based on the belief that long-term planning and vision for Indonesia and the region must be based on an in-depth understanding of technological, economic, cultural, and social issues, including regional and international progressive developments. MASTEL Institute research and studies are channelled in various forms as an independent input to government, universities and research institutions, civil society organizations, media, and business actors.

Crème de la crème Research & Studies

MASTEL Institute researches technological, economic, cultural, social change, and international relations, with topics selected based on their relevance to public and business policy. Inter-disciplinary studies are encouraged. In the area of knowledge of telematics (telecommunications, broadcasting, information technology), MASTEL Institute’s research and investigations are complemented and strengthened by its relations with an extensive network of prominent professionals with well-known experience and expertise, academic, and other global organizations.

Publications & Public Literacy

MASTEL Institute has a strong and deep commitment to public education through various avenues, including an intensive seminar program, lectures and conferences, and a book store. The MASTEL Institute Virtual Library (MIVL) is established as an outstanding resource for students, government and diplomatic personnel, the business community, and public members. MASTEL Institute publication program covering a wide range of subjects in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Research & Funding

MASTEL Institute is partially funded through an established endowment fund. We also seek support for the research programs and regional network activities from foundations, multilateral organizations, and donor institutions. We welcome donations from groups, individuals and accountable institutions.

Who We Are

Mr. Sarwoto Atmosutarno

Chairperson of Steering Board

Sarwoto Atmosutarno is the Chairperson of MASTEL (The Indonesia ICT Society) for 2021-2024. He was elected in April 2021.

Sarwoto is the former CEO of PT Telekomunikasi Seluler (Telkomsel). He became the CEO of Indonesia’s largest mobile network operator from January 29th, 2009, to May 16th, 2012. Before being CEO of Telkomsel, he was the Executive General Manager (EGM) of Telkom’s Infrastructure division.

Sarwoto started his career in Telecommunications in 1977, after he graduated from high school. At that time, PT Telkom was still named the Perumtel. He attended Telecommunications Engineering Education which Perumtel held. He studied until 1979, and in 1980 he received an assignment decree as a Junior Technical Manager and was posted in Surabaya.

Sarwoto then continued his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Economics UNAIR Surabaya, and he graduated in 1985. In 1995, he completed his Masters in Business Engineering in Telecommunication at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Télécom Brittany (ENSTB) in France.

Mr. Danrivanto Budhijanto

Chief Executive

Dr. Danrivanto Budhijanto, S.H., LL.M in IT Law, FCBArb., FIIArb. is an expert specialist in Information Technology Law & Privacy (Cyberlaw, Telco Law, E-Commerce Law, Digital Economy Law, Data Protection & Security Law) for 21 years. He has well-known experiences in the Indonesian telecommunications regulatory authority.

He had proven professional expertise’s in policy, legislation, and regulations settlement as Special Advisory Staff to Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Government of Indonesia (2014-2019). Fully work attached and responsible directly to the Minister himself, in ministerial strategic settlement with industry and society ecosystems. The strategic settlement included but do not limited to managing entity reputations, financial compliances, legal-tech disputes, court/arbitration/regulatory body award(s) on executorial regulations.

Since 2015, Danrivanto supervised to core founders of Indonesia’s Unicorns and Decacorn in online transportation and digital payments, from establishing business models, stakeholders interactions, and maintaining market leader. Danrivanto also had the opportunity to become the legislations team of Law Number 11 of 2008 regarding Electronic Information and Transactions, including Law Number 19 of 2016 regarding Amendment to Law Number 11 of 2008 regarding Information and Electronic Transactions, and other top-notch regulations in ICT.

Danrivanto has ten years of arbitrator experience settling high-profile cases in BANI Arbitration Center Indonesia, including IT infrastructure, Digital Management, and corporate actions. Danrivanto had his first professional career in 1995 as a Senior Associate Lawyer at Makes and Partners Law Firm in Jakarta. United States of America graduated sponsored by Fulbright-US AID and Summa Cum Laude on Doctoral degree in Law. Danrivanto is an associate Professor in the Post-Graduate Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran and ICT law books prominent author. In MASTEL, Danrivanto served as Vice General Secretary.



Ms. Prita Amalia

Deputy Chief Executive

Prita Amalia, born in Bandung in 1984, is a permanent lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran since 2006. Prita earned her doctorate in 2020 with cum laude predicate, with a dissertation entitled Investor-State Dispute Settlement in International Interest Dispute Resolution on Aircraft for Development Indonesian Economy. Masters and undergraduate degrees were completed at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran with Cumlaude predicate, and became the best graduate in 2005.

Arbitration has been Prita’s passion for developing her knowledge since 2005 when Universitas Padjadjaran started arbitration as one of the courses at Universitas Padjadjaran. Various scientific activities in the field of arbitration have been followed both at the national and international levels. Prita actively researches National and International Arbitration Law, International Investment Law, International Trade Law, International Economic Law, Aircraft Financing based on the 2001 Cape Town Convention and Infrastructure Law. Research is often carried out in collaboration with domestic and foreign agencies. Apart from teaching and researching, Prita is also active in various organizational activities, namely at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in West Java Province, the Air Law Society, the University Network for Indonesia Infrastructure Development (UNIID).

Prita is a member of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation’s Expert Panel Team for Airport PPPs and is listed as a member of the Indonesian Arbiter Institute (IArbI). Active in conducting several studies with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia. Various publications, both journals and books, have been produced both nationally and internationally, including the National Aviation Industry, Legal Aspects after the Cape Town Convention 2001, Refika Publisher, The Force Strategic Infrastructure: The Role of Public-Private Partnership to Strengthen Sustainable Development in Indonesia, Indonesia’s Report: The Implementation of the Cape Town Convention 2001, Springer, The Development of Private International Law: A New Concept of Mobile Equipment under the Cape Town Convention 2001, Third Party in International Commercial Arbitration, Indonesia Perspective.



Mr. Arki Rifazka

Chief of Management Office

Arki Rifazka was born in Jakarta in 1985. He is the Executive Director of MASTEL since April 2018. He graduated from Telkom University (formerly Telkom Higher School of Technology) in 2008. Before joining MASTEL as Deputy Executive Director in 2015, he worked in several software house and system integrator companies.

He was involved in a lot of MASTEL Initiatives since the year he was recruited to MASTEL. There were MASTEL Digital Initiative Competition, Digital Cooperative, Startup Grand Prix, Hoax reporting, etc.

He’s the editor of the books that were published by MASTEL, “Membangun Industri Perangkat Digital Indonesia (2017)”, “Penguatan Infrastruktur Ekonomi Digital Nasional (2019)”, and “Buku Putih Indonesia ICT Industry Outlook 2021 (2020)”.

In July 2021, on behalf of MASTEL, he successfully assisted BAKTI in launching the Implementation of Basic Training on Telecommunication Networks and Software to Empower Village Communities as one of the BAKTI’s programs for the village society.

He becomes the Chief of Management Office in MASTEL Institute, as this position is the ex-officio of MASTEL’s Executive Director.

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